Not Like You Records


Ghoul Squad "Necrodoll"

Ghoul Squad is most often remembered for their appearance on volume seven of Thrasher Magazine's Skate Rock series, "Noise Forest." "Necrodoll" was slated for release on Pushead's Pusmort imprint but the project was shelved after test presses and not long after he folded the label. Remastered from the only known original recording, Not Like You Records is proud to offer "Necrodoll." Limited edition of 300 copies.

Track Listing:

1. House Of Mirrors
2. Nazis On The Way
3. Kill Club
4. Chamber Of Horrors
5. Forever Young
6. Murderers
7. We Don't
8. Unity Or War
9. The Beast
10. E.V.
11. Scared To Death
12. Necrodoll
13. Tigress
14. Little Wolves
15. Cemetery Seniors