Three One G


Geronimo "s/t"

Geronimo's "Enlightenment In A Small Town" EP was released in 2005 with the vision of a powerful, minimalist sound for the purpose of a short Japanese tour. Upon return, Geronimo worked to complete the 2007, self-titled Three One G session that features vocals from Sandor GF, Pete Majors (both from now defunct Harassor), and David Yow (The Jesus Lizard, Qui) accompanied by a peculiar hodgepodge of homemade Trogotronic instruments. Good luck finding something similar to reference for the sake of "journalism" or sales points.

Track Listing:

1. Firewater
2. Headdress
3. Coyote
4. Spiritwalker
5. Medicine Man
6. Facepeeler
7. Prints Tie