Simba Records


Garrison "The Model"

Post-hardcore heroes, Garrison, have made the record that will undoubtedly propel them onto a different stage of listening. The passionate, even romantic, voice of Joseph Grillo calls to mind the the stylings of Black Francis (the Pixies) not so much in tone, but rather with its ability to both croon and holler through these songs leaving the listener with either raised neck hairs or the desire to recklessly sing along. Their music (equally akin to Drive like Jehu and the Foo Fighters) is of a rare breed, that sounds familiar enough that you almost know the song before it has ended yet new enough to leave you pounding your fists along with abandon, excited to listen again, and looking for more things to come.

Track Listing:

1. Let's Fight
2. We Watch The World Come Down
3. The Only One
4. Patient Mouth
5. The Sound