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Fucked Up "Hidden World"

Toronto's Fucked Up present their first full-length in the band's four year existence after countless singles and EPs, many of which are out of print and fetching large sums on ebay. "Hidden World" continues Fucked Up's departure from the fast, sloppy early '80s styled hardcore they began with, and their adventure into a more dangerous territory of punk, combining melodies with expansive structures and adding thought-provoking and sometimes controversial imagery to their mix. Now available as a double-LP with a gatefold cover!

Track Listing:

1. Crusades
2. David Comes To Life
3. Invisible Leader
4. Carried Out To The Sea
5. Baiting The Public
6. Fate Of Fates
7. The Two Snakes
8. Hidden World
9. Manqueller Man
10. Blaze Of Glory
11. Triumph Of Life
12. Jacobs Ladder
13. Vivian Girls