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Jawk Records


Foundation "Turncoat"

After five years of meticulous effort, Atlanta's very own Foundation returns with "Turncoat," a 12" EP comprising five songs, all in the blistering, moody and unrelenting vein of the Foundation tradition. This may be their finest output yet and a definite high note to bow out on, brought to you by reactivated hardcore label Jawk Records (Indecision/Trial/Chokehold). Features guest vocals by Anderson Bradshaw from The Promise and Another Victim, and Mike DC from Damnation A.D. Recorded by Andy Nelson (Weekend Nachos/Harms Way) at Bricktop Studios in Chicago.

Track Listing:

1. The New Faith
2. A Warm Place In Hell
3. Failure Breeds Failure
4. Devotion III
5. Silence Above, Quiet Below
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