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Forever Came Calling "What Matters Most..."

Forever Came Calling is the hardest-working band in pop-punk. Their sophomore full-length, "What Matters Most," was engineered and produced by Kyle Black (New Found Glory, Hit The Lights, The Color Morale) and is the band's catchiest and most convincing album to date. Leading up to this recording the band toured with Man Overboard, Real Friends, Counterparts and State Champs. Now available on CD.

Track Listing:

1. August Is Home
2. Mapping With A Sense Of Direction
3. Substances
4. Defenseless
5. Transient (I Don't Miss)
6. Endangered Innocent
7. Indebted
8. "Rather Be Dead Than Cool"
9. Spanish Mothers (I Just Miss)
10. Wish You Well
11. Angels In Your Closet
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