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Fast Forward / T Cells "Split"

Fast Forward was formed around 1999 in Los Angeles, CA, and is known for their controversially political live shows. The band includes mysterious members with ties to such organizations as Wrangler Brutes, The Locust, Nazti Skinz, and Le Shok. T Cells is from Long Beach, CA, and were formed around 2002 and included members of The Locust, Le Shok, The Distraction, and Nazti Skins.<br>

Track Listing:

1. Fast Forward - Hate Is Growing
2. Fast Forward - Insomnia
3. Fast Forward - Race Relations
4. Fast Forward - M.O.
5. Fast Forward - My Struggle
6. T Cells - Deformed
7. T Cells - Finger In The Socket
8. T Cells - Maserati
9. T Cells - Whup Me
10. T Cells - Drunken
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