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Reflections Records


Face Tomorrow "For Who You Are"

Face Tomorrow's intense guitar-driven sound ranges from utter silence to heavy dragging outbursts and aggressive noise blasts. Whilst musically encompassing all the best from emo, hardcore, pop, rock, punk and metal, the unprecedented passionate vocals are impossible to escape from. Contemplative lyrics dealing with all the features of the emotional spectrum wrapped up in memorable melodies and heart-broken explosions are sure to grab you by the throat and never let go. With themes as hope and dreams and an optimistic view on loss, regret, anger and frustration, "For Who You Are" is a sincere positive message in a negative world.

Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. For Me
3. Worth The Wait
4. Puppet On Strings
5. Past
6. Saved
7. Steering Wheel
8. Wasting Time
9. 72 DPI
10. Live The Dream
11. I Love You
12. Equation Unequal