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Eighteen Visions "Until The Ink Runs Out"

After building themselves up in the Orange County hardcore scene over the past few years, Eighteen Visions have finally come into their own. With powerful and crushing drums, mind-bending distorted bass, technical yet simple guitar riffs, and vocals that at any time can range from guttural growls and ear piercing screams to harmonic melodies and back again, Eighteen Visions are poised to lead what today is now hardcore/metal. With such complexity and simplicity in their music, they appease to fans of all types of music. With years of progression under their belts, Eighteen Visions have also molded one of the most entertaining live sets that you can see. Imagine black on black outfits, gold mic cords, severed mannequin heads, and that whole cocky atmosphere, and you will be diving right into the middle of it all. If you have a discussion on original hardcore music, with the basis for innovation, you have no choice but to include this band.

Track Listing:

1. She Looks Good In Velvet 3:34
2. She
3. Champagne And Sleeping Pills 6:14
4. Who The Fuck Killed John Lennon? 3:54
5. The Nothing 5:30
6. Wine
7. That Ain
8. Revolutionizing The Sound Of Music 3:47
9. Prelude To An Epic / Flowers For Ingrid 2:54