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DYS "More Than Fashion: Live From The Gallery East Reunion"

Featuring tracks recorded from the Gallery East reunion show on August 29th, 2010, "More Than Fashion..." highlights songs from DYS's two prior studio recordings in a celebration of Boston's hardcore history and the band's place in it. DYS founding member Dave Smalley went on to sing for Dag Nasty, All and Down By Law, among others, while co-founder Jonathan Anastas helped launch second-generation Boston hardcore band Slapshot. By including songs from both eras in their history, "More Than Fashion: Live from the Gallery East Reunion" showcases the band's evolution and passion for all forms of heavy music. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. More Than Fashion
2. Open Up
3. Late Night
4. No Pain, No Gain
5. Held Back
6. Circle Storm
7. City To City
8. Graffiti
9. Stand Proud
10. Loner
11. Escape
12. Which Side Am I
13. Brotherhood
14. Wolfpack