Iron Lung Records


Doldrey "Celestial Deconstruction"


After a couple season sets worth of gestation, Doldrey has returned with "Celestial Deconstruction," a proper full-length that is decidedly more metal that their previous efforts. Make no mistake: this is still punk as hell, but, this time, with more of a violent stenchcore feel (sans the ridiculous "epic" intros) mixed with Slayer breakdowns and evidence of early Celtic Frost played through the HM-2. Altogether, a sound that is pure, thrashing nastiness. LP includes digital download and is limited to 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Lentum Mortiis
2. Blood Of The Serpent
3. Endless Torment
4. Seed Of Desire
5. Celestial Deconstruction
6. Age Of Extinction
7. War
8. Harmonic Divergence
9. Marked For Death
10. Destructive Security Command
11. Fall Of Doldrey