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Discipline "Downfall Of The Working Man"

Holland's DISCIPLINE is one of the most visible street punk/oi bands in the world. Mixing the sounds and spirit of old British Oi!, classic punk, traditional hardcore, and American rock n roll, Discipline have honed a sound that is magnetic and true to life. Discipline are full on working class hooligans that proudly tell the tale of the working man through their music. For Fans Of: DROPKICK MURPHYS, SOCIAL DISTORTION, COCK SPARRER, THE BUSINESS.

Track Listing:

1. Belief
2. Dowfall Of The Working Man
3. Strength To Live
4. Hell Is For Heroes
5. Boys Will Be Boys
6. Road To Freedom
7. Red & White Army
8. No Surrender
9. When I'm Dancing I Ain't Fighin'
10. End Of The Road
11. From Vengeance To Victory
12. Words Out Of Life