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Trash Art! Sound and Culture


Disappearer "s/t"

Residing deep within the hive is DISAPPEARER. Cutting their teeth in much acclaimed doomy-hardcore acts THERE WERE WIRES and DOOMRIDERS, these boys have moved forward to conjure up some of the most epic and thundering melodicism this side of NEUROSIS, all minus the constraints of a vocalist to stomp all over the somber mood. This lays them somewhere between the like-minded instrumentalists PELICAN, SUNN and SWITCHBLADE with the occasional nod to MOGWAI. The east coast is already lit up like a switchboard about the maximum volume flowing out of these three promising musicians after shows with HIGH ON FIRE, THRONES, ZOMBI, and BREATHER RESIST just to name a few. The songs seamlessly tumble through a vast palette of moods from lurching, feedback-drenched doom to glorious, harmonic triumph to thoughtfully orchestrated, melodic simplicity.

Track Listing:

1. Crownfire
2. Rust/Dust
3. Universal Fog
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