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Dillinger Four "Civil War"

After a seemingly infinite absence, the Midwest's most influential band, Dillinger Four, have delivered their long-promised fourth proper full-length. From the opening note of the first track, it's blatantly apparent that the guys in D4 haven't lost a step. "Civil War" is littered with irresistible hooks, driven by a blast of raw sound, and accented by dueling lead vocals peppered with Erik and Paddy's sharp lyrical witticisms. Vinyl version contains a download card good for one free download of "Civil War" in high-quality MP3's.

Track Listing:

1. A Jingle For The Product
2. "Contemplate This On The Tree Of Woe."
3. Parishiltonisametaphor
4. Gainesville
5. Ode To The North American Snake Oil Distributor
6. Minimum Wage Is A Gateway Drug
7. The Classical Arrangement
8. Americaspremierefaithbasedinitiative
9. The Art Of Whore
10. Fruity Pebbles
11. A Pyre Laid For Image And Frame
12. Like Eye Contact In An Elevator
13. Clown Cars On Cinder Blocks
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