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Detournement "Screaming Response"

Members of Worthless United, Lifetime, Bigwig and Ensign have unveiled their new project, Detournement. Detournement's debut release "Screaming Response" takes a short, fast and loud approach to song writing, using politically pointed lyrics and an abrasive delivery. This album is a furious and scalding critique of a collapsing economic system, a battlecry to define and organize the struggle and a hardcore punk record that sounds as if the genre was being discovered for the first time.

Track Listing:

1. Focus...Explosion!
2. Stand Firm
3. Men & Maggots
4. No Estan Solos
5. The Dead Man Cries For Vengeance
6. Stranglehold U.S.A.
7. The Power Is Ours
8. Odessa