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Des Ark "Don't Rock The Boat, Sink The Fucker"

During the last decade, Aimee Argote has had more bands called Des Ark than she has albums under that name. But, a stack of radio sessions aside, Des Ark only has one LP, 2005's "Loose Lips Sink Ships," and a collaborative split with Ben Davis, 2007's "Battle Of The Beards," to call its own. "Don't Rock The Boat, Sink The Fucker," the band's brilliant second LP, makes up for the time lag and the lost members.

Track Listing:

1. My Saddle Is Waitin' (C'mon Jump On It)
2. Girls Get Ruff
3. Bonne Chance Asshole
4. Ashley's Song
5. FTW Y'all!!!
6. Howard's Hour Of Shower
7. It's Only A Bargain If You Want It
8. Two Hearts Are Better Than One