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Del Paxton "All Day, Every Day, All Night"

Buffalo, NY, band Del Paxton's debut album "All Day, Every Day, All Night" is a collection of material written between 2013-2015, a reflection on their upstate NY punk scene upbringing. It draws nostalgic influence from bands they grew up watching like Polar Bear Club and Fire When Ready while still retaining a contemporary feel. For fans of Polar Bear Club, Mock Orange, Braid and Third Eye Blind. LP includes digital download and is limited to of 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. My Other
2. Wrong Distance
3. Koolwink
4. Take It To The Limit
5. Sixes And Sevens
6. Coast To Coast AM
7. Loose Leaf
8. In The Well
9. Thermos
10. Green House
11. Primetime
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