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Deez Nuts "Bout It"

"Bout It" is the third album by Australian, groovy, hip-hop influenced hardcore outfit Deez Nuts. Originally released in 2013. This is the first vinyl re-issue since the first pressing. Now available again on colored vinyl with a gatefold cover and hand-numbered out of 300 copies. Imported from Germany.<br>

Track Listing:

1. Bout It
2. Shot After Shot
3. Not A Face In The Crowd
4. Keep On
5. Popular Demand
6. Go Fuck Yourself
7. Don't Act Like You Don't Already Know
8. What We Eat Don't Make You Shit
9. Call To Arms
10. Streets Are Watching
11. Public Service Announcement
12. Unfuckwithable
13. I.D.K.W.Y.T.Y.A.B.I.K.W.D.G.A.F.A.Y
14. Life You Live
15. True Colors
16. Band Of Brothers