Three One G


Das Oath "s/t"

This Das Oath CD consists of seven songs that total about 11 minutes and is some of the band's best work to date. The half-American, half-Dutch thrashcore act documented this EP on one of the few US tours while in San Diego, tracking with comrade Salvador Gallegos of Some Girls and Secret Fun Club. Das Oath featured members of Holy Molar, Failures, Monster X, Charles Bronson, VMW, Mainstrike, Haxan, Devoid Of Faith, and Oil.

Track Listing:

1. Reliquary
2. Scrapped
3. The Twinkle In An Eye About To Be Blackened
4. Tropical Malady
5. The Terror, The Delight, And The Unendurable Pointlessness Of Trying
6. Years Of Veneers
7. All The Songs Have Been Sung