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Darkest Hour "Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation"


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In the eight years since Darkest Hour formed, the metal gods have molded them into an extremely fierce band, incorporating elements of death metal, thrash and punk. They have honed their sound into a high octane frenzy of mayhem and chaotic melody, with homicidal vocals, a machine gun bass drum and guitars that are technical yet reckless - they embody the ferocity that lies in their hearts. For fans of Slayer, Hatebreed and Killswitch Engage. Now available again on colored vinyl with a gatefold cover. Vinyl version includes a free MP3 download.

Track Listing:

1. The Sadist Nation
2. Pay Phones And Pills
3. Oklahoma
4. Marching To The Killing Rhythm
5. The Misinformation Age
6. Seven Day Lie
7. Accessible Losses
8. The Patriot Virus
9. Veritas, Aequitas
10. For The Soul Of The Savior (bonus track)
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