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Custom Fit "s/t"

With a band as talented, experienced and powerful as this, and a lead singer as passionate as Sabi, Custom Fit was bound to make waves. Their sound and style (backed by an equally impressive live show) honor bands like Stiff Little Fingers, Cock Sparrer, The Templars, Blitz, X-Ray Spex, Vice Squad, Buzzcocks and even a little bit of Devo. Folks all over San Francisco, CA's Bay Area are lucky enough to have seen this band grow and can already sing along to a lot of these, but this record will introduce this band and these great songs to a whole new crop of people eager for vibrant new sounds. Mini-LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Life's Too Short
2. Spontaneous Combustion
3. Combat
4. Last Place
5. Subculture Whore
6. One Hit Blunder
7. Puppets
8. Forever Strong