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Demons Run Amok Entertainment


Culture "Born Of You"


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Demons Run Amok presents the 20th anniversary pressing of Culture's "Born Of You" LP. Florida'a Culture formed in 1992, playing classic, '90s metallic hardcore with an aggressive social, political, and ecological commentary and had members go on to take part in other bands like Morning Again, Terror, As Friends Rust, Shai Hulud, Throwdown, Blood Has Been Shed, On Bodies, and more. This reissue features all new artwork printed on recycled paper with an embossed cover and accompanied by plenty of liner notes from the band. Now available again on colored vinyl. Imported from Germany.

Track Listing:

1. Born Of You
2. Apologies
3. Not As Mine
4. Another Path
5. Unconditional Love
6. Twenty Four
7. Silence Surrounds
8. Deflect
9. One And Only
10. Still Crossed
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