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Crown Court "Capital Offence"

More trouble from London from the UK's premier, contemporary oi unit that features two members of Violent Reaction. After unleashing a slew of powerful singles, each one better than the last, these chaps effortlessly demonstrate why they're so highly rated with their debut LP, "Capital Offence." Crown Court transcends all contemporary trappings of the genre with a truly classic sound and firmly establish themselves as the world's premier oi band with this monolith of an album which stands as a modern classic. COYS!

Track Listing:

1. Sammy Skyves
2. Blackout
3. What Are You Going To Do?
4. Hated But Rated
5. 22
6. Brotherhood Of The Banned
7. Thames Sake
8. Breakout
9. Disco Skins
10. Attack
11. Park Lane Boys
12. The Province
13. Shapes Of The Day