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Creeping Death "Wretched Illusions"


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Creeping Death quickly ascended to the top of the modern death-metal pile with sheer determination, single-minded focus, bludgeoning heaviness, and breakneck intensity. The band's blistering, new full-length platter, "Wretched Illusions," raises the stakes with undeniable and unrelenting anthems like "Bloodlust Contamination," "World Decay," "Corroded From Within," and album opener "Ripping Through Flesh." Each of the record's ten tracks is a certified ripper, keeping those baseball-bat swings coming, over and over. LP includes download card.

Track Listing:

1. Ripping Through Flesh
2. Captivity
3. Bloodlust Contamination
4. Sinner's Torch
5. Corroded From Within
6. Peeled From Reality
7. World Decay
8. Wretched Illusions
9. Dawn Of Time
10. Consumed
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