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Beach Impediment Records


Condor "Singles 2017-2018"


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Maxime Smadja has held many positions of note in some of the more exceptional French underground groups of recent years. For instance, you might know him as the beastly beat keeper behind Paris oi band Rixe or the songwriter behind the ever so catchy Boss, but for those who have yet to be initiated this is Condor - a one-man band and love letter of sorts to his homeland and the particular strain of oi/punk music that it started yielding well over three decades ago. Previously only available on a pair of scarcely pressed and circulated cassingles, Beach Impediment Records is ecstatic to further the circulation of these songs on the vinyl format.

Track Listing:

1. La Mer A Boire
2. Condor
3. Que Jeunesse Se Passe
4. Chacun Pour Soi
5. Les Bourreaux Des Coeurs
6. Tapage Nocturne
7. Vengeance (previously unreleased)
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