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Deranged Records


Color TV "s/t"

After concocting a batch of 7" singles that leaked from various Twin Cities basements, here is the debut LP from Color TV. Bringing more speedy punk rock that slaps with tight bursts of melody and quirk with sardonic musings of living in the sci-fi, dystopian hellscape that is the now. Heavily influenced by early-UK punk and USHC with subtle underpinnings of bands like Sparks and Ultravox, this is punk music clearly made by lifers obsessed with the underground counter-culture.

Track Listing:

1. Locals Only
2. Last Year's Flu
3. Fix It
4. Stay In Bed
5. Pale And Vicious
6. Uggo
7. Serial Offenders
8. Self Careless
9. Black Bile
10. Too Close To Quit
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