To Live A Lie Records


Coke Bust / Despise You "Split"


To Lie A Lie Records started more than ten years ago with a split 7" consisting of an old, West Coast powerviolence band whose first release dated back to 1995, and a newer generation band who had been directly influenced by the other one. Fast-forward ten years and we are here presenting you with a split of a similar nature, and just as much aggression and ferocity. To Live A Lie humbly presents a split between one of the most important and continually relevant powerviolence bands today, Despise You, and Washington, DC's furious, straight-edge, blast-laden, hardcore-punk outfit, Coke Bust.

Track Listing:

1. Despise You - Temples Of Grace Hyde Park
2. Despise You - Still Born, Fuck It
3. Despise You - Do This-Get That
4. Despise You - All Souls
5. Despise You - Bluest Skies
6. Coke Bust - Closing The Net
7. Coke Bust - Weakest Link
8. Coke Bust - Plan B
9. Coke Bust - Community Abuser