Pirates Press Records


Cock Sparrer "Back Home"

Recorded in 2003 and originally released just on CD as part of the soundtrack to TKO's DVD, this record has gone too long without anyone having done it justice on vinyl. Pirates Press Records aim to do that with these two LPs packaged together, full of the hits and the energy of one of the many pinnacle gigs they've recorded over the last decade. This, as with their other live records, truly serves as a "Best Of" record at the same time as an energetic souvenir to a moment in history. Limited edition of 300 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Riot Squad
2. Watch Your Back
3. Working
4. Teenage Heart
5. What's It Like To Be Old
6. Closedown
7. Get A Rope
8. Argy Bargy
9. Run Away Johnny
10. Tough Guys
11. Take 'Em All
12. A.U.
13. Don't Blame Us
14. I Got Your Number
15. Because You're Young
16. Secret Army
17. Where Are They Now?
18. Runnin' Riot
19. Sunday Stripper
20. Chip On My Shoulder
21. White Riot
22. England Belongs