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Chrome Over Brass "s/t"

Chrome Over Brass is the one-man instrumental band of Alex Garcia-Rivera, drummer of American Nightmare (Give Up The Ghost). After years of playing in traditional multi-member bands, Alex set out to do something that was 100% of his creation and control. A true DIY project, the debut album from Chrome Over Brass was recorded in a 100% analog process on 2" tape at Alex's own Mystic Valley Studio, a fully analog studio he built with his own hands. LP includes free download.

Track Listing:

1. Elephants Never Forget
2. Bear Attack
3. Crush On The Derbyshire
4. Here Come The Stukas
5. Black Rainbow
6. Fighting With Tooth And Nailgun
7. Moogs For Moderns
8. Jeeps On Safari
9. One Night In St. Regis