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Chelsea Wolfe "Birth Of Violence"

Chelsea Wolfe has always been a conduit for a powerful energy, and while she has demonstrated a capacity to channel that somber beauty into a variety of forms, her gift as a songwriter is never more apparent than when she strips her songs down to a few key elements. Her latest album, "Birth Of Violence," is a return to the reclusive nature of her earlier recordings, written and recorded in the solitude of her remote home in Northern California. The result of that humble approach yields Wolfe's most devastating work to date. LP includes download card for high resolution digital music files of the album.<br>

Track Listing:

1. The Mother Road
2. American Darkness
3. Birth Of Violence
4. Deranged For Rock & Roll
5. Be All Things
6. Erde
7. When Anger Turns To Honey
8. Dirt Universe
9. Little Grave
10. Preface To A Dream Play
11. Highway