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Chaotic Dischord "Don't Throw It All Away"


This collection compiles all the Chaotic Dischord 7" tracks released on UK-punk label Riot City Records and the sought after "Don't Throw It All Away" mini-LP from '84. These recordings have been unavailable and out of print on vinyl since the mid-'80s. Originally formed in 1982 as a joke by members of Vice Squad and its roadies, they quickly became popular after their inclusion on the seminal, 1982, UK-punk compilation "Riotous Assembly," also released by Riot City.

Track Listing:

1. Fuck The World
2. You're Gonna Die
3. Sold Out To The G.P.O.
4. Never Trust A Friend
5. Are Students Safe?
6. Popstars
7. Rock & Roll Swindle
8. Don't Throw It All Away
9. Stab Your Back
10. Sausage Beans & Chips
11. Who Killed ET? (I Killed The Fucker!)
12. 22 Hole Doc. Martens
13. Anarchy In Woolworths
14. Batcave Benders Meet The Alien Durex Machinez