Chain Whip Records


Chain Whip "14 Lashes"

Like a door opening to an alternate universe where Suburban Mutilation released the most influential hardcore LP of the '80s, and DOA were conveniently disappeared so the melody-come-velocity and Richard Nixon-esque gargle of Joey Shithead could be reimagined in the various voids of the twenty-teens as a tidy, new hardcore-punk LP by Chain Whip. Not fast enough to only be brutal, but not modest enough to be anything but pummelling. Full of burly, crunchy, tight corners, this is the musical equivalent of thrifting an Eames chair - you recognize it a mile away, it's still a classic, and it's just landed in our laps for next to nothing.

Track Listing:

1. Amber Alert
2. HawaiiCBM
3. On A Rope
4. (I Don't Wanna Live In A) Fucked Up World
5. Concrete
6. Serotonin Steve
7. Turner Street Ghost Motel
8. Spectator
9. Don't Talk
10. Smug
11. Crawlspace Boyfriend
12. Negative Justice
13. Black Beauty
14. Code White