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Candy Snatchers "Human Zoo"

Seventeen rippin' rockin' tracks From everyones favorite snatchers! Yeah! The most dangerous band in the world is back with their second nitro-fueled rock n'roll platter! This is one of those rare occasions when you can trust the critics. The audio equivolent of getting hit in the head with a beer bottle!

Track Listing:

1. No Time to Waste
2. Color Me Blood Red
3. If You Can't Have Fun, You Ain't No Fun
4. Burn it to the Ground
5. TredaDouche
6. Hard Up
7. 30 Grams to Life
8. Hooligan
9. Real Thick Head
10. Drunken Blur
11. Gone For Good
12. Killin' My Buzz
13. Pain in the Ass
14. Such a Fool
15. Pissed OIff, Ripped Off, Screwed
16. Moronic Pleasures