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11 PM Records


Cadenaxo "Lenguas Podridas"

Cadenaxo is just another intense flavor you can find in the streets of the big Tenochtitlan, Mexico. A band swinging from the outskirts of this saturated reality, Cadenaxo rule the place with their manic sound without knowing it; they bring people together, people listen, people slam. Hard workers like no others in town, Cadenaxo is known for their no bullshit mentality, extremely good riffs, and spicy sing-along vocals. Limited edition of 300 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Manual Policiaco
2. Mundo Restringido
3. Figuras Oscuras
4. Son Veneno
5. Tortua Mental
6. Maxima Autoridad
7. Sin Dios
8. Incompetencia
9. Fachos A La Verga
10. Indestructible
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