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Brandtson "Fallen Star Collection / Fallen Star Collection Demo Recordings"

The 1999 sophomore classic, remastered for 2018 and available for the first time ever on vinyl and cassette. Includes a full-color, 36-page fanzine with photos and lyrics. Vinyl version includes digital download of the "Fallen Star Collection Demo Recordings" and is limited to 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. As You Wish
2. Breaking Ground
3. Potential Getaway Driver
4. Things Look Brighter
5. Summer In St. Claire
6. Shannon Said
7. Fighting Gravity
8. Waking Up To Yellow
9. Long Walk Home
10. Probably Nothing
11. New Favorite Pastime
12. Waking Up To Yellow (demo)
13. Breaking Ground (demo)
14. Potential Getaway Driver (demo)
15. Probably Nothing (demo)
16. New Favorite Pastime (demo)
17. Shannon Said (demo)
18. Things Look Brighter (demo)
19. Summer In St. Claire (demo)
20. Fighting Gravity (demo)
21. Long Walk Home (demo)
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