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Neon Taste Records


Bootlicker "How To Love Life"

On their fourth bombastic EP, British Columbia, Canada's finest remains steadfast in churning out some of the highest-quality, UK82-meets-Discharge-meets-1980's Midwest US stomping hardcore in the world today. Similar to the advancement of weaponry in war, Bootlicker continues to evolve their way from a primitive, scattershot, chaotic pummeling towards a honed, laser-guided salvo, and the tunes here're packed full of direct, catchy riffs that stick to your ribs like napalm while remaining a pushed-to-the-red, blown-out frenzy. With every showing, the Bootlicker mark is becoming a trench. Limited edition of 300 copies.

Track Listing:

1. It's Beautiful
2. False Power
3. Shot At Dawn
4. Uniforms
5. Dismantle
6. Calm Mind