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Blue Skies Burning "In Totality"

Toledo, OH's Blue Skies Burning was around from 1999-2002 and played an incredibly powerful brand of emotional hardcore. Borrowing as much from early-'90s emo giants like Current and Anasarca as from late-'90s metalcore gods like Zao, their sound fell somewhere in the territory of bands like As Friends Rust, Boysetsfire, Grade, etc. "In Totality" features both the original, four-song demo, which was recorded by Tim Pak (Thoughts Of Ionesco, Fordirelifesake, Hamilton, etc.), as well as the "Last Leg Of My First Race" EP, which was originally released on CD by One Day Savior Records and was recorded by Brian McTernan (Converge, 108, Bane, Thrice, etc.).<br>

Track Listing:

1. Summerfield, Michigan
2. Last Leg Of My First Race
3. Tonight Distance Spoke
4. The Plastic Pony Show
5. When The Fondest Feeling Dies
6. In The Light Of Certain Events
7. Last Leg Of My First Race (demo)
8. Fire On My Tongue (demo)
9. Driving Down King (demo)
10. When The Fondest Feeling Dies (demo)