Backbite Records


Blitzkid "Apparitional"


The very last and probably best album by Argyle Goolsby's horror punks from West Virginia will finally be re-released as a highly deserved vinyl re-issue. "Apparitional" was first issued in 2011 and made into several different colored vinyl versions by People Like You Records. Blitzkid split up shortly after the release of this album, but are still considered as raw but very melodic representatives of their genre. Limited edition of 399 copies. Imported from Germany.

Track Listing:

1. Head Over Hills
2. They're All Dead
3. Blutsauger
4. The Awakening
5. Mr. Sardonicus
6. Mr. Gore
7. The Bat Whispers
8. Wretched
9. The Perfect Sleep
10. Moonlite Veins
11. Cedar Bluff
12. Jane Doe #9
13. Casque Of Amontillado
14. The Iscariot
15. She Wont Stop Bleeding