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Beastmilk "Climax"

Climax is the debut full-length from Finnish apocalyptic post-punk rock quartet Beastmilk. The band is already heralding a fantastic review of the song "Love In A Cold World" on Pitchfork. Recorded, mixed and produced in July of 2013 at GodCity Studio by Kurt Ballou, the album features ten songs of staggering refinement, brilliance, and complete mastery the likes of which only rarely appear on albums destined for classic, genre-cornerstone status. It's almost paradoxical to consider, but "Climax" conveys a true, genuine excitement and all-consuming state of euphoric thrall in the face of the bleak, end-of-days thematic narratives spun by vocalist Kvohst. Instead of stereotypically brooding and glacially plodding through the inherent darkness cast from Kvohst's poetic spells, the instrumentalists of Beastmilk (guitarist Goatspeed, drummer Paile, and bassist Arino) apply a unique, surging catchiness composed of infectious anthemic charges and unbreakable spirit from beginning to end. Vinyl version includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Death Reflects Us
2. The Wind Blows Through Their Skulls
3. Genocidal Crush
4. You Are Now Under Our Control
5. Ghosts Out Of Focus
6. Nuclear Winter
7. Fear Your Mind
8. Love In A Cold World
9. Surf The Apocalypse
10. Strange Attractors