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Bats & Mice "Believe It Mammals"

The debut full length from Bats & Mice is an ambitious work that eagerly explores a multiplicity of dynamics, moods, rhythms, and timbres. For those keeping score, Bats And Mice feature ex-members of Four Hundred Years, Sleepytime Trio, Rah Brahs, and Milemarker. Because three members share vocals, this record amply features a wide spectrum of deliveries and harmonies. Recommended for any fan of the aforementioned bands.

Track Listing:

1. A Safe Bet
2. Undress Princess
3. I'm Not Surprised
4. Sliding Scale
5. Worst Comes To Worst
6. Hallway
7. A Polished Facade
8. Enough For You
9. Motel
10. Where's Ann Arbor
11. Easy
12. In Spite Of