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Auxes "Sunshine"

Chapel Hill, North Carolina's Auxes throw their hat into the ring with "Sunshine," an album that builds on the town's penchant for driving, emotion-propelled indie rock. The hat being thrown unquestionably belongs to Dave Laney, guitarist and creative force behind NC/Chicago bands Milemarker and Challenger. After playing with a cross-section of the town's most creative musicians (including members of Fin Fang Foom, Bellafea, and Eagle Bravo), Laney decided to go the solo path: "Sunshine," the band's first full-length CD/LP, features Laney playing virtually all the instruments with power and precision. Vinyl version includes free digital download code.

Track Listing:

1. Burning Brighter
2. The Things Lovers Do
3. Sunshine
4. Instrumental
5. Radio! Radio!
6. Long Way From Home
7. Cold Day In Hell
8. Greeting Card Perfume
9. A Man And A Sheep And A Cat
10. Happy Days
11. Lookalive
12. Brother
13. Hometowns
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