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Vinyl Conflict Label


Asylum "Modern Hysteria"

Following up a sold out 7" on the Vinyl Conflict label, Asylum is back with an 11-song full-length that highlights all the reasons you love crust. Recorded with Ricky Olson and mastered by Brad Boatwright at Audio Siege. With a warm, familiar feeling of bands like Nausea or Amebix, "Modern Hysteria" hits you with hardcore moments you'd expect to hear on an Anti Cimex or Crucifix album.

Track Listing:

1. Shallow Breath
2. Neanderthal
3. Lessons In Pain
4. Rest
5. Vox Populi
6. Led To The Slaughter
7. Vindication
8. Gallows
9. Rot
10. A Term Of Endearment
11. Modern Hysteria
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