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Antiseen "Obstinate"

Obstinate is the band's first full-length since 2012's "New Blood" and also the first album to feature the new line-up of Clayton, the Gooch, Mad Brother Ward and the return of Sir Barry Hannibal. On "Obstinate," we see Antiseen take a stylistic turn back to the brutal, stripped-down sound of albums like "Southern Hostility" and "Eat More Possum." This collection of ten new recordings proves without a doubt that 35 years on, Antiseen is here to stay.

Track Listing:

1. Racist
2. Whats In It For Me?
3. Static
4. Let The Working Man Rest A Little Bit
5. Guts
6. I Piss You Off
7. Down On Me
8. Law Abiding Citizen
9. Atomic Clock
10. Why You Gotta Be?
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