To Live A Lie Records


Antichrist Demoncore / Sex Prisoner / Magnum Force "Three Way Split"

To Live A Lie presents a three-way powerviolence cage match pitting three of 2013's most heinous bands, Los Angeles, CA's Anti-Christ Demon Core, Tucson, AZ's Magnum Force and Phoenix, AZ's Sex Prisoner all laying waste to one another with the B-side of the record featuring a ridiculous etching. 10" includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Anti-Chirst Demon Core - Eye In The Sky
2. Anti-Chirst Demon Core - Crux
3. Anti-Chirst Demon Core - Trolls
4. Anti-Chirst Demon Core - Worthless
5. Anti-Chirst Demon Core - Loathe
6. Magnum Force - Out Of Time
7. Magnum Force - Boxed In
8. Magnum Force - Giving Up
9. Sex Prisoner - Black Basin
10. Sex Prisoner - Cross Faded
11. Sex Prisoner - Whatever You Say
12. Sex Prisoner - I'm Proud Of You
13. Sex Prisoner - Stipped To The Skin