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Another Victim "A Bitter End"

Another Victim helped hold down the heavy hardcore scene of Syracuse, NY in the late-'90s, putting out records on Trustkill and Equal Vision before disbanding in 2001, but not before bringing their groove-infused sound on tours with bands like VOD, Earth Crisis, Turmoil, One King Down and more. This two-disc set features 37 tracks, including every formal release, demo and compilation track, including two previously unreleased tracks from the "Apocalypse Now" recording session.

Track Listing:

1. For The Liars And The Cheaters
2. Old Glories Dead
3. Believers Never Die
4. Bitter End
5. Boiling Point
6. Free In Restraint
7. Sell Yourself
8. Relentless
9. Judgement's Coming
10. Free In Restraint
11. Threat
12. Vicars Of Glutton Filth (Apocalypse Now)
13. A Lesson In Fear
14. Deconstruct Their Lies
15. Untitled
16. Self Submission
17. Gods Of Sickness
18. Martyr
19. The Undertaker
20. Ritual Of Decay
21. Trial For A Waste Of Life
22. A Portrayal Of Vengence
23. Intro
24. Fear In The Streets
25. Trial For A Waste Of Life
26. The Undertaker
27. Writhe Of Hypocrisy
28. Intro (live)/Sell Yourself (live)
29. A Portrayal Of Vengeance (live)
30. Apocalypse Now (live)
31. Old Glories Dead (live)