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Andrew Thorp King "Blaze: Operation Persian Trinity" - Book

When America's unsung Mick hero Blaze McIntyre - retired CIA assassin and spy - becomes fatigued with the monotony of civilian life and decides to re-enter the world of espionage, he finds himself engaged in a mission he senses could be entangled in the vines of a 2,500 year-old prophecy. In Russia, a new dictator rises that seeks to resurrect the Soviet Empire. In Iran, a new president emerges whose cultish Twelver apocalyptic ambition dwarfs that of any of his predecessors. As Russia and Iran work together to galvanize the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia, a new threat is produced that terrifies the Western World, particularly Israel and the United States. As the United States struggles to find its new position in the world, the last hope of a weak US President is found in a handful of operatives led by an obstinate, cigar-smoking, tattooed, Irish-American warrior - Blaze McIntyre. Written with a vibrant soundtrack in mind, the novel's text makes constant reference to the musical tastes of the characters - including artists such as Dropkick Murphys, Madball, The Welch Boys, The Business, Mastodon, The Pogues, Everlast, The Dubliners, Hank III, AC/DC and more. One of the central characters, the sidekick to the protagonist Blaze McIntyre, is a non-racist SHARP skinhead named Zack Batt. Zack is a mercenary hired by the US government to visit violence upon those deemed dangerous to the clandestine services. The characters, sub-cultures and sub-plots contained in the narrative add flavors that will very much appeal to the underground music community.