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Andrew Jackson Jihad "Can't Maintain.: 10th Anniversary Edition"

Andrew Jackson Jihad returned in 2009 with their second full-length, "Can't Maintain," which was more funny, intelligent, and brutally honest songs about self-loathing, as well as loathing for everyone else. An assortment of guest musicians, including label mates Bomb The Music Industry and Kepi Ghoulie, helped fill in the cracks. There were even a couple of full-band numbers here, but please no lame comparisons to Dylan going electric. Now available again as a vinyl picture disc.

Track Listing:

1. Heartilation
2. Self Esteem
3. Love In The Time Of Human Papillomavirus
4. Evil
5. You Don't Deserve Yourself
6. Olde(y) Tyme(y)
7. Kazoo Sonata In Cmaj
8. We Didn't Come Here To Rock
9. Truckers Are The Blood
10. Love Will Fuck Us Apart
11. Sense, Sensibility
12. Who Are You?
13. White Face, Black Eyes
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