Warthog Speak Records


Alienation "2015 Mini-LP"

Straight-up stunning follow-up to a couple great demos from this Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada HC unit. Thirteen flashes of brilliant hardcore that touches on the best of '80s US hardcore as much as it does the Hudiksvall scene (Missbrukarna, Totalitar, Huvudtvatt, etc.). The Alienation sound exists in a similar orbit as recent greats Gas Rag, but faster.

Track Listing:

1. No Words
2. Boring Bands
3. Malingerer
4. For//Against
5. Terror
6. Terminal
7. Whistle Blower
8. Job Swamp
9. Missing Persons
10. Smoke Mouth
11. Newspeak
12. Waste Of Time
13. Ulcer