Radio Raheem


Against "Welcome To The Aftermath"

Eighteen tracks of bleak and apocalyptic Discharge-influenced hardcore from Venice Beach, CA, featuring ex-members of Suicidal Tendencies. This LP combines their 1983 demo and unreleased 1984 EP, and includes a 12" x 36" poster with lyrics and many unseen photos, flyers, and more.

Track Listing:

1. Aftermath
2. Obsession For Power
3. All Too Late
4. Against
5. Burned Beyond Recognition
6. Pain Never Ends/Give Peace A Chance
7. Who's To Blame
8. Children
9. Run Cry And Scream
10. Burned Beyond Recognition
11. Run Cry And Scream
12. Obsession For Power
13. Pain Never Ends
14. Aftermath
15. The Fun Stops Here
16. Mao
17. No Mercy
18. Abolish War