Rise Records


7 Seconds "Leave A Light On"

Rise Records is proud to announce the release of "Leave A Light On" by legendary hardcore band 7 Seconds, their first full-length in over nine years. This 14-song album has elements of all things 7 Seconds: fast, melodic, earnest and smart. Forming in Reno, NV in January 1980, 7 Seconds was the originator of the West Coast hardcore sound that influenced just about every hardcore band including Youth Of Today, Gorilla Biscuits and modern day bands like Title Fight and American Nightmare. Vinyl version includes compact disc.

Track Listing:

1. Exceptional
2. Upgrade Everything
3. Slogan On A Shirt
4. I Have Faith In You
5. 30 Years (And Still Going Wrong)
6. Leave A Light On
7. Empty Spots
8. Your Hate Mentality
9. My Aim Is You
10. Rage Quit
11. Heads Are Bound To Roll
12. Standing By Yourself
13. Someday, Some Way
14. Simple Or Absolute